LCW Automotive Corp. has a 45-year history of being a luxury automotive coachbuilder to the private, funeral, and livery industries. Started by Kenneth Boyar in 1972, his passion for automotive excellence has always been unrivaled. His focus on handcrafted vehicles and luxury materials is what sets LCW apart from competitors. Customer service was vital to Ken; that is why when you call LCW Automotive Corp., you always speak to a Boyar.
Beginning its storied history, LCW has been stretching domestic and foreign luxury cars, including Rolls Royce sedans into convertibles. LCW was the first to deliver the Lincoln and Cadillac long door, which featured a stretched door for more accessible entrance and exit’s, as well as the 6-inch wide-body Lincoln with a distinctive raised roof design.
“In the ’90s, LCW became Lincoln QVM, and Cadillac CMC certified only a handful of companies in the world could claim this prestigious accolade.”
In the early 2000’s, LCW developed a new 48-inch Six door Cadillac that featured a 3-inch raised roof, a flat floor, a single full-size spare tire, and a storage compartment. At this time LCW also received news that Cadillac was entrusting them for their expertise in building two “The West Wing” TV show presidential limousines that actor, Martin Sheen, used when he played President Bartlett.
In 2006, after years of learning in his father Kenneth’s footsteps, Todd moved into the position of CEO. Additionally, his brother adam and peter reinish, Kenneth’s long-time apprentice joined him becoming managing parts of both sales and warranty. together the three ushered in the next generation of ownership and management of LCW.


This new era also had LCW diversifying the production line by building on the famous Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis. 2018 Was a big year for this luxury vehicle converter as they joined the list of “Class B” RV converters with their newly developed RV production line “Galactic.” This new product is being built as a truly luxurious camper, the likes that have not been seen. With LCW’s experience in the limousine industry, this melding of RV & Limousine styling is something unique and unparalleled


Early 2019 Had LCW beginning production on one of its most successful Sprinter lines to date the aptly named Mercedes Benz “Supreme Sprinter.” This top of the line luxury sprinter works as a combination of a mobile office, luxury traveler, and RV. This particular unit can also be driven by a chauffeur or owner thanks to an oversized electronic pass through the divider. Over the years, LCW has changed and adapted to meet the needs of its clientele, and this flexibility will be the reason that LCW will continue to thrive for many years to come.
When it comes to the experience inside your custom limousine or executive vehicle, Luxury is top of the list. That’s why at LCW we use the finest of materials and electronic components. From solid hardwoods for your consoles and trim to the optional Elmo leather that is imported from Sweden, LCW know the feel of the limousine must scream quality. For many years LCW has been the choice limo builder for Celebrities, heads of state, and the chauffeur driven. We at LCW know a limousine is a luxury purchase and it should feel that way.